gravity - 2009
aluminum, extruded plastic sheets, rubber, rope, pulleys, spotlights
140 m2 (variable dimensions)

During the opening the ceiling suddenly falls on the public's head. The artist acts as counterweight, regulating the height of the ceiling through ropes and pulleys connected to his harness.
The way of gravity attraction force switches horizontally.The performance ends after the artist has crossed the space and switched the light off.

@ U1 (old "Belin" factory) in Château-Thierry during «C’est comme ça!» dance & other scenes festival organised by l’Échangeur - Center of choreographic development of Picardie. (Fr.)
co-produced by l'Échangeur & Regional Council of Picardie
special thanks : team of l'Échangeur, students from Fine Art School of Reims, Albert Morelle, Pierre Lelay, Jeff Garraud.

Press : Inrockuptibles, issue 727, November 2009,by Philippe Noisette