De l´avantage de faire une pièce sonore pour couvrir le bruit des moteurs / From the point of making a sound piece to cover the noise of engines 2010
steel, rivets, rubber, 12 volts engines, wood, battery charger.
12m2 (variable dimensions)
@ PMgalerie - Berlin

In a space, large-scale iron leaves are suspended horizontally. The leaves are attached to several engines with rubber bands. The up-and-down movements of the engines and the random fluctuation of the rubber provoke a chaotic agitation, close to wave motion, accompanied by the loud clatter from the metallic bends. A times-switch allows 10 minutes breaks between each performance, also set up in a 10 min lapse of time.

PLAYGROUND : Co-produced by PE Morelle, PMgalerie, Regional Council of Picardie & Schilerkiez Neukölln.
Three in situ installations transform the space into an obstacle course, scattered all over the gallery’s rooms.
The initial idea is to connect three heterogeneous sculptural units into one installation.

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