Forbidden corners - 2013
Infra-red distance sensor, distance module, converter, extended record/playback kit, pre-amplified speaker (100W)
25m2 (variable dimensions)

Like an invisible fence Pierre-Etienne Morelle’s sound installation »Forbidden corners« reacts to the proximity of the viewer by producing barely bearable audio feedback when one approaches too closely.
The work not only disrupts the ease of the spectator, but also inevitably interferes with one’s path across the space and thereby one’s apprehension of the works by the other artists in the same room.

at insitu Berlin during 'Episode 2 : Sabotage' with Marco Godinho / Mickaël Marchand / Panayiotis Michael / Pierre-Etienne Morelle / Ariel Schlesinger / Weise7 / Anna Witt

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